Disaster Risk Management and Climate Action

<strong>Children in the Asia-Pacific region are among the most vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change of any in the world. Girls, in particular, are often overlooked in disaster preparedness, disaster response, and climate change mitigation policies.</strong>

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In the disaster-prone region of the Asia Pacific, around 200 million children per year will have their lives severely disrupted by disasters in the coming decades.

To reverse this trend, we will make sure that their distinct needs and experiences are reflected in the 2021-2025 Agreement in Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER) Workplan and the ASEAN Workplan on Education, among others. Our influencing asks will not only come from analysis of the situation and evidences but more importantly, the voices of children and adolescent girls themselves through a series of consultations.

We will also advocate for youth and children’s participation in various regional and global Climate Change events such as the Asia Pacific
Climate Week, and COP 25 UNFCCC. Parallel initiatives shall be done at the national level in coordination with our country offices.

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