Promoting feminist leadership in Cambodia

Through feminist leadership principles, we are transforming the way we do things at Plan International Cambodia to promote gender equality and become a more inclusive organisation.

Girls speaking into microphones at a Plan International Cambodia event

Plan International Cambodia is committed to building a feminist leadership culture that energises people to contribute to and take accountability for the work that will deliver our strategic objectives. We are investing our effort to develop a positive culture that shares power, dismantles bias, pushes for inclusion and encourages self-care and caring for others.

As an organisation, we have made the following commitments:

  • We commit to being part of one leadership team across the organisation, thinking globally, and keeping conversation, mutual learning and open spirit going.
  • We commit ourselves to dream bigger than our current capacities and to push ourselves to realise them.
  • We acknowledge that each entity and individual holds power and privilege in different ways and will continue to transform our internal dynamics to ensure that all voices are equally valued.
  • We will strive to be feminist leaders and bring our colleagues on this journey.
  • We will stand with girls and youths as they exercise their voices, leadership and power to achieve gender equality.