Lifelong learning in Cambodia

We support children and youths, especially girls and young women, to have full access to quality education and skills training that will enable life-long learning and decent employment.

Girls learning on computers at school in Cambodia
Girls learning on computers at school in Cambodia.

Plan International Cambodia strengthens school entry and re-entry mechanisms including accelerated learning. We also support the development and quality of alternative education opportunities and promote community-led education initiatives.

We support children and young people to develop the soft and hard skills necessary for employment, through inclusive quality education, technical and vocational training, life skills training and education on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Our work in this area also supports schools to be accessible, protective and safe through gender-responsive and inclusive toilets and menstrual hygiene managment facilities as well as the provision of comprehesive sexuality education by well trained teachers.

We will also strengthen school governance to foster effective and inclusive school management that includes the engagement of parents and leaders, and influence for gender-responsive and inclusive national and local policy.

Key targets

Our work to ensure children and young people have access to a quality education and skills training targets 112,000 people, comprising of children, adolescents, community adolescent and youth groups, parents and caregivers, relevant government officials, local authorities and employers or enterprise owners.


Donors who support our work in this area include: 

  • BMZ
  • Izen Pharma
  • Plan International Australia
  • Plan International Germany
  • Plan International Hong Kong
  • Plan International Japan
  • Plan International Korea
  • Plan International Switzerland
  • Plan International USA
  • Prudence Foundation
  • World Food Programme
  • Private individual donors.