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Videos from Cambodia

Embedded on this page are few of over 200 video clips we have posted online. Positive, engaging and real, Plan International Cambodia’s video contents have been jointly created by children and the community themselves, staff and other counterparts telling our experiences and impacts right from the ground.

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Girl Mother

A video capturing real life performance by a group of children in a far-off community of Ratanak Kiri province intending to discourage the practice of child marriage.


Preschool Teacher

A video profiling a strong commitment of a preschool volunteer teacher in a remote community in Ratanak Kiri. Deriving from an indigenous origin himself, the teacher looks ahead to better future among the children from different minority groups.


Sanitation for Healthy Life

A video documenting the success habituating rural population with the use of household latrine and personal hygiene for better health.




A video profile of a small boy of a very poor family who is hungry for education. Living in a far flung village of Siem Reap province, Yuri succeeds in convincing his parents to support his on-going schooling despite their family hardship.


Late but Not Too Late

A video profiling life changing move of a former volunteer teacher in Siem Reap province. Poverty forced her out of school, yet her accumulated experience from the volunteer work brighten up her and her family life.