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Child Protection in Cambodia

Ensuring that girls and boys of all ages, especially the most marginalised, are protected from violence, abuse and neglect.

Child Protection in Cambodia
Children engage in school support activities

Plan International Cambodia and partners work with children’s clubs and networks as well as the communities and local authorities to establish effective referrals and reporting mechanisms. In its family protection networks at the community level, the programme incorporates gender transformative approaches to violence prevention.

At the national level, the programme has been collaborating intimately with Cambodia National Council for Children (CNCC), other concerned government counterparts and NGO partners to develop key policies, including National Child Participation Guideline, the first National Action Plan for Child Development 2016-2018, the National Child Protection Commission, Juvenile Justice Law, sub-degree on Child Protection in All Settings, and Child Protection Policy in School.

Since 2004, over 120 children’s councils and 200 children’s clubs have been formulated to promote child rights awareness both in schools and at the communities. The programme has enabled 345 family projection networks – community based mechanism, linking village to provincial level, to prevent, protect and make referral case of violence against children. The programme also supports the coordination of civil society consortia and service provider networks to ensure quality child protection service and joint advocacy at the targeted provinces. 

Key Targets

200community based mechanisms established in 200 villages
1,400girls and boys skilled to protect themselves from and response to violence
15,000parents and caregivers practising positive, gender sensitive, and non-violent child rearing
4,000sub-national government and non-government officials capacitated to protect children and respond to child abuses
30target communes can access to at least three child protection services


Child Protection Funders

SDG Engagement

The programme has been actively engaged in the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Child Protection SDG