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Learning how to deal with disasters

Thu is a secondary school student from Lai Chau district. Hear how climate change affects her life and how she has learned to deal with its effects.

Secondary school student Thu from Lai Chau district, Vietnam gets to school through paddy fields and past peaceful streams. This is not the case, however, when it rains heavily.

“The stream would turn aggressive suddenly, the water would flood the fields as if it wants to sweep everything away, which makes us scared", she says.

The danger caused by extreme weather is experienced by many children in Lai Chau. In response, Plan International runs classes about the effects of climate change in schools. 

The classes increase students’ understanding about climate change and how to protect themselves. In addition, children are taught to tell their own stories using a camera.

"When water turns from clear to muddy in rivers and streams, it is a landslide happening upstream and we should stay away," says Thu.

Thu’s family are also part of a project that supports families to earn money in ways that aren’t negatively affected by the effects of climate change. As a result, they have been cultivating a peanut breed that is able to cope with bad weather, resulting in a bumper harvest.