Youth economic empowerment in Vietnam

Creating a better living and working environment, economic security and solid position for girls and young women in modern society.

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Girls and young women have the right to develop in society. Gender-based violence, social norms and discrimination, especially in the workplace, are the barriers that stop girls from following their ambitions. 

Every year more than 70,000 new migrants, of whom many are women, move to Hanoi for job opportunities in industrial zones in the outskirts of the city. Jobs in these industrial zones do not equip them with professional skills that will help them to find good jobs in the future.

In the previous industrial revolutions, young women and girls have been left behind but we cannot allow this to happen again in the fourth industrial revolution. 

We work with our partners to provide opportunities for girls and young women to create a better living and working environment for themselves and increase their economic security. In turn this helps girls and young women achieve a solid position in modern society.