Child protection in Vietnam

Ensuring children are protected from all forms of abuse, exploitation and harm.

Girl speaks at the first Children’s Council in Quang Binh province

Plan International Vietnam is committed to protecting children from all forms of violence. 

We focus on the most marginalised and excluded in the country – those who live in challenging and remote mountainous regions where logistics and access are difficult.

We have formed powerful partnerships with local NGOs in Hanoi and through these we are implementing our Gender Responsive School project, which will develop a model to promote gender equality and reduce school-related gender-based violence.

Our Child Helpline Programme recently passed the 10 year mark and has now been fully handed over to the government which has committed to sustaining this critical service long into the future.

Our Community-Based Child Protection systems are being adopted by a number of provincial governments.

We have also worked closely with communities to conduct surveys and identify formal and non-formal rural residential schools as locations where child protection issues need to be examined and improved.

Meanwhile, our skilled staff are leading Girls Get Equal-funded work in Ha Giang to prevent and reduce child marriage while improving the lives of children and young women though education, health, and gender awareness.