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Plan Vietnam

Plan works to help marginalised children across Vietnam, especially those from ethnic minority groups in mountainous regions.

We implement programmes and projects involving some 226,000 households in 142 communes in Central and Northern Vietnam, including 40,000 sponsored children and their families.

Our main priorities are to reduce the malnutrition rate, to improve health care and to provide quality basic education to children.

Building good relationships with government bodies at various levels since 1993, Plan has become one of the largest non-governmental organisations working in Vietnam.


Case study

Quality Education for All

Quality Education for All

See how youth in Vietnam are raising their voices and mobilising others to take a stand for quality education

Core activities


Plan Vietnam has 8 programme units in the central and northern parts of the country, predominantly in hard-to-reach areas where many of the most marginalised groups live. Plan Vietnam's core areas of activity include:

  • building relationships
  • early childhood care & development
  • child protection
  • child-centred disaster risk management and climate change adaptation