Effects of forced labour and trafficking in persons on female relatives of male fishers

This study investigates women’s awareness of forced labour and trafficking in persons on fishing vessels, how it affects them and their families, how they cope and their potential as key advocates for fair working conditions at sea.

A total of 210 women, most of whom are wives of fishers, were surveyed in Kiamba and Glan, Sarangani and General Santos City using a mixed-methods approach.

The overall research results will inform the implementation of the SAFE Seas project activities and determine how and to what extent women could be engaged to combat forced labour and trafficking on fishing vessels in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The research findings will also inform policymakers and relevant stakeholders on how to alleviate livelihood challenges and exploitation faced by the most vulnerable members of the fishing community in the Sarangani and GenSan area.

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Protection from violence, Gender-based violence