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Join the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children

Let people know that human lives are #NotForSale.

Mobilise your community through social media. 

Change your display picture and cover photo on Facebook and Twitter:

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Respond to this question on Facebook or Twitter:

Share the original Facebook post or quote the original tweet with your answer.

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Support pending legislative efforts to enhance the protection of children against abuse.

Write to your representatives in Congress and your senators. Tell them to fight for the passage of legislation that will prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).

Let them know that you want to make the eradication of CSEC a national priority.

Organise an open forum or talk in your school or community.

Create a space for an open discussion on the issue of child sexual exploitation. 

Contact for any assistance or resources.

Join the national discussion.

Promote a healthy environment for discussion on topics like CSEC.

Share or tweet your thoughts on the issue. Use the hashtag #NotForSale.

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