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Girls Takeover on the International Day of the Girl

On 11th October, politicians, CEOs and other leaders will have their positions taken over by girls who are calling for equality.

About 25 public and private institutions will concede their power to girls in order  to commemorate the International Day of the Girl. Leading figures in politics and business will be taken over by girls, including the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Paraguay.


Girls will raise their voices to end inequality on the International Day of the Girl.

By taking over positions where they are rarely seen, girls will call on governments to remove the barriers which denies their rights to million of them. The movement "Because I´m a Girl" led by Plan International, seeks to encourage governments to invest in girls' education so that they learn, lead, decide and thrive.

The movement "Because I´m a Girl" led by Plan International, seek that governments invest in favor of girls' education so that they learn, lead,decide and thrive.


Discrimination has the consequences of girls and women being excluded from key areas of power and influence. The proportion of women in parliament is only 22% worldwide. 

Paraguay is the fourth country in Latin America and the Caribbean, along with Brazil, Guatemala and Chile,  with the lowest percentage of women in political office: only 16% of women are in these offices.

At the local level, an average participation of women with 12.7% in the period 2001-2010 is observed, being the highest value 19.4% in  municipal councils. For municipalities, however, the average is 5.9% in the same period.

The takeover is a statement of girls’ power and ability to change the world

“There is no country in the world where girls experience true gender equality. The takeover is a statement of girls’ power and ability to change the world. It also serves as a reminder to governments how millions of girls are denied an equal chance in life just because they are girls,” said Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, CEO of Plan International.


Girls in Paraguay are preparing for International Day of the Girl

We asked one of the girls, who will take power in one of the public institutions, which actions would she take when she assumes.

She said: 'If I had the power, I´ll promote quality education, fight against violence towards girls and equal opportunities'.

 Girls as leaders

The Secretary of the Secretariat of National Emergency, Dr. Joaquin Roa, recognizes the struggle for the eradication of discrimination in its many forms suffered by girls, in both Paraguayan society and in the world. The Secretariat of National Emergency supports the activity “Minister for a Day” to strengthen the power and potential of girls and adolescents in Paraguay.

Organisations that will concede their power to girls.

  • Vice-President of the Republic.
  • Chamber of Deputies.
  • Ministry of Women.
  • Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.
  • Secretariat of Children and Adolescents.
  • Secretariat of Technical Planning.
  • Secretariat of Communication and Information.
  • Secretariat of Social Action.
  • Secretariat of National Emergency.
  • The Municipality of Asuncion.
  • Government of Guaira
  • Government of Caaguazu
  • Quartermaster of San Estanislao - San Pedro
  • Quartermaster of Cruce Liberación  - San Pedro
  • Quartermaster of Yatayty del Norte  - San Pedro
  • Quartermaster of Paso Yobai  - Guairá
  • Quartermaster of Independencia  - Guairá
  • Quartermaster of Mbuyapey - Paraguarí
  • Quartermaster of Caaguazu – Caaguazú
  • Departmental Coordination of Education - San Pedro
  • Departmental Coordination of Education - Guairá
  • Departmental Coordination of Education – Paraguarí
  • IV Health Region – Health  - Guaira
  • Manager of the Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Supervision Unit Ybytimi - Paraguarí
  • Departmental coordination of supervision of the Ministry of Education and Culture - Caaguazú.
  • Inter-American Development Bank national Institution (IDB).
  • Farmacenter – Pharmaceutical company.
  • Financiera El Comercio – Financial Company.
  • Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Achieving gender equality is one of the Global Goals that were agreed by world leaders in 2015 which aims to transform the world by 2030. Without an urgent step-change by governments, this goal, alongside others, cannot be done.