Education in Mozambique

Supporting children’s access to quality, inclusive education that provides them with the opportunity to transition from primary to secondary and tertiary education in safe environments.

Amina, 11, with her school kit provided by Plan International

One of Plan International Mozambique’s key priorities is the provision of safe, quality education for adolescent girls and boys.

With an overall literacy rate of 47% (female literacy at 28% and male literacy at 60%), access to quality education is absolutely vital to develop communities and society in Mozambique..

Plan International Mozambique strengthens institutions, influences policies and laws that assist education authorities to provide quality education for all children.

Our work ensures equal access to education for all, especially girls and young women, as they are often excluded from having access to continuous education.

Our education work also includes the improvement of infrastructure such as buildings and classrooms, dormitories and gender-sensitive bathrooms so children and adolescents can learn in safe, quality environments, and parents feel confident in sending their children to school.