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Socio-Economic Security in Mozambique

Increasing the employability of youth through the provision of vocational trainings

Young people in Mozambique are particularly affected by a poor labour market - with limited job opportunities. They often end up working in the informal sector with few prospects of securing reliable employment. 

A newly established vocational training centre in Jangamo district and three improved centres in Homoine district now provide a youth friendly environment for vocational training courses. The project also challenges traditional gender stereotypes. By raising awareness amongst parents and community leaders, young women are now being promoted to attend the technical and vocational trainings, even courses such as welding, which is seen as a traditional job for men. Over 50% of the youth enrolled in the courses are now female.

So far, 78 youths have successfully completed their training courses: 12 youth that graduated in a tailoring course are now self-employed in two tailoring cooperatives; and four are self-employed in a blacksmith’s workshop.