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Education in Mozambique

Increasing access to quality education, particularly for the most vulnerable.

Plan International Mozambique is at the forefront of education, and we are using our years of expertise in the sector to focus on early childhood care and development (ECCD) and primary education. So far, our work has benefited 2,316 children under 5 years old who attend 62 ECCD centres. These centres act as nursery schools where children learn and develop before primary school, while their parents attend training sessions covering parental education, nutritious food, hygiene, love and respect in interpersonal relationships, games to play with children, stimulating toys, hygiene and the roles of parents in bringing up children.

From the ECCD centres, children are encouraged to transition to primary school via visits and informative sessions. Birth registration events are also held at each graduation event, to guarantee that all children have the required documentation for their enrolment at school. Among many other activities, we are also partnering with communities to build primary school classrooms and libraries, and create school clubs, school councils and girls’ camps. By getting together, girls are empowered to spread the message about the importance of girls attending school.