Voices of youth amidst Lebanon’s economic collapse

2022 needs assessment and gender analysis

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As the situation in the country is particularly volatile and characterised by fast-paced evolutions, UNOCHA launched an emergency response plan in early August 2021 to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable populations, both host and refugee, and to avoid the degradation of inter and intra-community tensions.

The needs reflected in the response plan were identified through several existing nationwide assessments that provide insights on key socio-economic trends.

In order to specify the needs of adolescents and youth, particularly girls and young women under this framework and in line with the 4 key pillars its country strategy, Plan International Lebanon carried out a detailed needs assessment and gender analysis to complement existing research with a focus on 6 geographic areas (Akkar, Tripoli, Arsal, Mount Lebanon, Beirut, and Saida).

The overall objective of this assessment is to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues that adolescent girls and boys and young women and men face across the nation. The research includes a detailed gender analysis and aims at guiding the design and implementation of Plan International’s programmes.

Therefore, the findings of this research study are programme-oriented and provide insights and suggestions in terms of programming in addition to interviewees’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices. It will serve as a complementary assessment to existing ones, such as those carried out by UN agencies and other NGOs from the relevant sectors over the past months, quantifying the impact of the crisis and determining the main needs, conditions and capacities of the different target groups.

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Voices of Youth Amidst Lebanon's Economic Collapse – PIL


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