Child protection in China

We support the development of communities in which children, adolescents and youth, particularly girls and young women, are protected from all forms of violence.

School bullying prevention_ school bullying knowledge contest

Since 2019, Plan International has carried out the school bullying prevention project. Using international experience, applying technology and improving local practices, school staff, parents, students, social workers and government workers are able and willing to protect children.

It is active in Jia County, Chunhua County and Pucheng County in Shaanxi Province and Honghe County, Guangnan County and Xundian County in Yunnan Province.

Collaboration to prevent bullying

The project aims to prevent bullying in local schools, improve relationships between peers and make schools a suitable environment for children’s growth and learning.

Following 2 years of research and development through the project, a series of guidelines have been developed for schools, teachers, parents and students to prevent bullying in schools. In addition to the development of these materials, online training courses are available for school staff which introduce basic knowledge including the identification of bullying, how to intervene and how to hold class meetings.

After a series of training sessions, county-level trainers helped the local school committees to carry out training and activities. Furthermore, training sessions were held at 11 schools across 4 counties on forming and running their own bullying prevention committees. In 3 counties of Shaanxi Province, poster competitions, quizzes and team-building exercises were held, helping more than 7,000 children.

Recognised and supported by the Department of Education of Yunnan Province, Plan International was invited to conduct an online bullying prevention training session that included knowledge on gender equality and gender-based bullying for primary and secondary school teachers.