Disaster risk management in China

We ensure children and youth, especially girls and young women, grow up and live in resilient communities and realise their rights in safety and with dignity before, during and after emergencies.

In China, Plan International is working with partners, schools, children and youth to strengthen their capacities and resilience in disasters, help them identify disaster risks and improve their living environment.

We also provide rapid and long-term support to affected children and youth so their rights are realised during and after disasters.

In 2021, we invested RMB 21.38 million Yuan in an effort to actively protect children and youth from the pandemic in their schools and communities, and provide relief packages worth RMB 450,000 Yuan to the community members and girls affected by the Henan floods.

Residents getting relief supplies
Emergency relief distributed to affected community members.

From May to September 2020, Plan International supported women’s federations and education authorities at all levels in Shaanxi, Ningxia and Yunnan and provided 105 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools with pandemic prevention supplies, such as disposable masks, hand sanitisers, temperature guns, rubbing alcohol, disinfectant, rubber gloves, protective clothing and more. This directly supported 56,743 children and 3,576 members of staff.

In addition, Plan International supported Shaanxi Women’s Federation and local women’s federations in Shaanxi and Ningxia by providing a living allowance of RMB 800 per person to 1,130 youth whose job prospects were affected by the pandemic. Furthermore, we organised lectures and talks on mental health to help young people process tough circumstances and regain confidence.