What we do in China

Find out about Plan International’s key areas of work in China.

Kindergarten kids having gender sensitive class

Early childhood development

We support children to have a healthy start in life free from harmful stereotypes, attitudes and practices.

A girl reading books in the school library

Inclusive quality education

We support children, especially those in difficult situations and those affected by migration, to learn for life through gender-transformative, inclusive and quality education.

Painting contest for child protection knowledge

Child protection

We support the development of communities in which children, adolescents and youth, particularly girls and young women, are protected from all forms of violence.

Liu presents some of her wares made during her bakery lessons

Youth economic empowerment

We support vulnerable youth, especially girls and young women, to engage in decent work of their choice.

Students getting protective materials

Disaster risk managment

We support children and youth to strengthen their capacities and resilience to disasters, and help them improve their living environment.