Education in Central African Republic

Plan International is working in partnership with the Swedish government to help children access their right to a quality education in the Central African Republic.

Children at school welcome event supported by Plan International in Boda

Education and the protection of children affected by the country’s conflict are a priority and a major focus of our work in Berberati and Gamboula.

Education for conflict-affected children

We aim to provide children with a quality education, support the development of community protection mechanisms to keep children safe and provide vocational training for young people so they can continue learning after school and get good jobs.

We have provided school kits for children in Sosso Nakombo in the prefecture of Berberati. Sosso Nakombo is a town in the Central African Republic with an estimated population of 8,900 people. Many children here have been orphaned by the conflict in the country and are living in difficult conditions. As a result, many come to school without shoes, clothing or school equipment.

The kits we have distributed are made up of school supplies, toys and teaching materials.

Essential school supplies

According to Yvette Kénié, a kindergarten teacher from Sosso Nakombo, these kits are providing essential support to children in the region.

“This is the first time we are getting help from an international NGO to help improve educational conditions for children.

“We have 62 children in the nursery who have the courage to study but it is the means that we lack. Children wrote on the cards but today with Plan International, they will write on slates,” she said.