Conflict response in Central African Republic

Plan International is responding to the immediate needs of children affected by the conflict in Central African Republic, supporting them to access their right to dignity.

Plan International staff delivering relief aid in Central African Republic

Among those most affected by the conflict are children who have been orphaned or separated from their families during the fighting. We are responding to their immediate needs by providing food and other essential items.

To date, 52 separated or orphaned children in Boda and Boboua have benefited from the distribution of these items. Among the items distributed to children are mattresses, blankets, cups, dishes, bowls, spoons, 20 litre cans, soap, towels, toothbrushes, sanitary towels, lamps and food.

Care for orphaned children

Ngana François, 70, is one of a number of community members who are taking care of separated or orphaned children. “As a human, how could I leave this abandoned child sleeping under a mango tree? Despite having little resources, my family take care of these children in the hope we can find their parents. We are grateful for the actions of Plan International to help these children.”

A total of 163 children will be supported by this project in Boda and the surrounding area. Throughout the project, the children will have essential items distributed to them and will be monitored by Plan International staff.