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Plan International EU Office

Working to ensure the promotion and protection of children's rights is a priority for the EU’s external action
Our results to date
  • 75
    projects funded by the EC running in 2014-15
  • 42
    countries implementing EC-funded projects
  • 15
    million people benefiting from EC-funded projects
Key contacts
Galerie Ravenstein 27/4
1000 Brussels
+32 2504 6050
Early Childhood Care and Development in Cambodia
EC-funded project combating violence against children in Haiti
EC-funded project combating female infanticide in India
EC-funded project combating violence against children in Kenya
Fadi was saved from a forced marriage
Students celebrate their graduation
Youth economic empowerment Timor Leste
Plan International EC-funded projects
EuropeAid: Bridges to the Future: Employment Solutions for vulnerable youth
EuropeAid: Ensuring a brighter future for the most vulnerable children through the promotion of integrated early childhood care and development
Central America
EuropeAid: Young people and civil society united for the defence of their rights
EuropeAid: Building an Inclusive Living Environment for Children and Young People with Disabilities
El Salvador
EuropeAid: Youth Economic Empowerment
EuropeAid: Fighting violence against children together
EuropeAid: Promoting gender wage parity and non-discrimination in the work environment
EuropeAid: Combating the worst forms of discrimination against girls: female infanticide
EuropeAid: Young Women's Economic Empowerment
EuropeAid: Child Protection against Violence in Kenya
EuropeAid: Eradicating early and forced marriage in Dosso Region
EuropeAid: Poverty Reduction through Youth Empowerment, Technical Training and Employability
Timor Leste
EuropeAid: Empowerment and inclusion of marginalised youth in the economic and political development of Timor-Leste
South Sudan
EuropeAid: Empowering NSAs to provide youth with alternative livelihood opportunities for poverty reduction and peace building
EuropeAid: Making law work for girls and boys
Sri Lanka
EuropeAid: Empowering women through e-governance
EuropeAid: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children in Tanzania: Linking community systems to a national model for Child Protection
EuropeAid: Improving Access to Water and Sanitation in Matungulu and Masinga Districts
EuropeAid: Collective Action to Promote Non-violent and Protective Society for Children