Vital services must continue for returnees in eastern Chad

In this advocacy note, humanitarian actors urge the international community to protect displaced populations in eastern Chad and to increase funding levels.

Displaced persons crossing into neighbouring country using a truck.
Displaced persons crossing into neighbouring country using a truck due to conflict in Sudan. Photo credit: Plan International
Front page of the advocacy note.

This advocacy note, signed by Plan International alongside the International Organisation for Migration and 4 other Non-Governmental Organisations, suggests 3 main recommendations to protect displaced people in eastern Chad.

  • Continue to support the Government of Chad to protect displaced populations and facilitate the reintegration of Chadian returnees into their country of nationality.
  • Increase funding levels to meet the heightened needs in eastern Chad in 2024. This funding must include the returnee population to enable a multisectoral, emergency response in returnee sites. Funding for sustainable, long-term programming is also needed to bolster social cohesion and community resilience within returnee and host communities.
  • Prioritise the delivery of conflict-sensitive assistance for returnees, refugees, and host communities that takes into consideration age, gender and disability needs and reflects the distinct concerns of the returnee community.

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