Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from Ukraine, Poland and Romania

More than two years since the escalation of the war in Ukraine, an estimated 14.6 million people require humanitarian assistance and millions of people have been displaced. We spoke to adolescent girls experiencing this ongoing crisis.

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from Ukraine, Poland and Romania research report cover.

While adolescents girls are navigating this crisis with determination and resilience, there are key gaps in their access to essential, quality services for their mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and education.

Already dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety driven by the experience of war and displacement, adolescent girls are also facing multiple stressors including threats to their safety and alarming rates of sexual harassment, devastating learning losses, social isolation, challenges with integration, and a stark interruption of their adolescence with the burden of adult responsibilities.

This report developed by Plan International draws on research conducted with adolescent girls and boys, their caregivers, and those responding to the crisis in multiple sites across Ukraine, Poland, and Romania.

It explores how adolescents, and girls in particular, It explores how adolescent girls within two age brackets (10-14 and 15-19) understand the unique impact the war and displacement has upon them, and how they have responded to the challenges they face.

It presents adolescents’ perspectives and seeks to amplify their voices and their recommendations for how the humanitarian sector should respond.

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