Teacher training for inclusive girls’ education

Strengthening the teacher workforce in Sierra Leone through innovation.

The Teacher Training for Inclusive Girls’ Education (TTIGE) project is providing support to marginalised young women living in rural areas who face several challenges that hinder them from completing their education. These young women have not had the opportunity to develop professional skills. However they are eager to become teachers and contribute to increasing the number of qualified female teachers in Sierra Leone.

With funds from Dubai Cares and in partnership with The Open University we are supporting 210 young women in Kailahun to become teachers. We are committed to promoting inclusive education and ensuring that all girls, regardless of their background or location, have equal access to quality education.

Why do we need qualified female teachers?

Our aim is to break the negative cycle that involves a shortage of female teachers, low-quality education in under-resourced areas, and limited aspirations for girls within their communities.

Sierra Leone currently ranks 139 out of 153 in educational attainment for the Global Gender Gap Index. This means that there is a significant disparity in educational opportunities between girls and boys. Girls often face discrimination from their families and communities, who prioritise domestic duties over their education. A lack of female role models as teachers limits the social perspective on the vital role women can play in education and society.

We believe that by increasing the number of qualified female teachers and creating a supportive learning environment, we can transform the educational experience for girls in Sierra Leone.

Our approach

The Learning Assistant and Student Teacher (LA/ST) model offers a solution to the critical bottlenecks in the supply of quality teachers in Sierra Leone.

Solving the learning crisis in Sierra Leone requires breaking the cycle of low education outcomes and low teacher quality. Developed by the Open University and implemented by Plan International, the Learning Assistant and Student Teacher (LA/ST) model offers a proven pathway for young women in rural communities to become qualified teachers and fill a critical gap in the education system.

A graphic showing the Learning Assistant/Student Teacher Pathway
Learning Assistant/Student Teacher Pathway.

Creating lifelong impact

After completing both phases, certified female teachers with substantial classroom experience are ready to teach at remote schools across Sierra Leone.

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Learning Assistant & Student Teacher (LA/ST) model


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The Teacher Training for Inclusive Girls’ Education project is being implementing in partnership with the Open University.

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