Finding digital stories: The Youth Reporter Project toolkit and training guide

The Youth Reporter Project is a participatory media project for young people. It aims to empower children and youth through creative media, journalism, and storytelling. Children and young people trained under the project put the learnings in practice as young citizen journalists and media literacy advocates.

With smartphones as today’s most accessible device for young people when creating content and telling stories, Plan International Philippines, through its Youth Reporter Project, has developed a new mobile journalism toolkit to equip youth advocates with the knowledge and skills needed for effective and powerful digital storytelling.

Intended for young people aged 13 to 24, Finding Digital Stories: The Youth Reporter Project Toolkit serves as a comprehensive and youth-friendly guide on writing and producing content for social media. 

Complementing the toolkit is The Youth Reporter Project Training Guide which aims to aid potential trainers, mentors and facilitators of mobile journalism training for young people. The training guide offers practical instructions on the suggested training design, conduct of module rollouts and activities. 

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