Case Studies

How Jeya became instrumental in making a period tracker app…

When Jeya, 16, became involved in developing the Oky period tracker app, she used her voice to push for the inclusion of accessibility features.
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Ameyrah: Learning more about periods from a local period tracking…

Ameyrah's community has had limited access to informational resources, especially about menstrual health. But in becoming part of the development of the Oky period tracker app, she and her peers…
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Defri’s journey: Empowering indigenous girls through a period…

Where Defri, 18, comes from, taboos, myths, and misconceptions overshadow every adolescent girl's experience of menstruation. When she joined a focus group for the development of the Oky Period…
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Irish’s small start to success

With the small start and simple training she received, Irish was able to put up a sari-sari store and help contribute to her family's daily expenses.
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A young mother’s dream to venture into business

Crisjah, a young mother, fulfills her dream of starting her own business to support her family and siblings.
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Girls on the frontline of flood resilience

Youth leaders Aires and Catherine are working to ensure that young people and their communities are prepared for weather-related emergencies.
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Little teachers with big hearts: How students helped create…

Elementary students in North Samar are helping create a reading centre to support non-readers in their school.
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Arman’s story: Swimming through adversity 

Arman, a husband and father, was so worried about his family’s safety that he decided to swim about five kilometers back home when Paeng hit their hometown.
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Nini’s Story: A Mother’s Resilience 

Nini from Upi, Maguindanao recounts her life as a 44-year-old mother living with a disability.
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Delia: Farming for her grandchildren’s future

Delia recounts the damaging flood at her hometown of Catubig, Northern Samar after being severely affected by non-stop rains.
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Micaella: Dreaming of better living conditions after flood

9-year-old Micaella recounts the worst flooding she experienced after non-stop rains poured in Las Navas, North Samar.
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Mary Jean: Coming Back Stronger After Typhoon Odette 

Before Odette, Mary Jean was the proprietor of a promising small business in Malabuyoc, Cebu. Unfortunately, the super typhoon washed out her supplies and forced her to start back at zero. With…
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