Overcoming adversity to become a young entrepreneur

Amidst a rural community where opportunities are scarce, Líder, overcame the barriers that limited him, ultimately becoming a successful poultry entrepreneur— a testament to his determination and eagerness to thrive.

Líder is from a large family who live in a rural community where opportunities for young people are scarce. As the eldest son, he says he feels responsible for supporting his family, particularly his mother Silveria.

Lider a young entrepreneur.............................................
Líder decided to become an entrepreneur in the poultry industry. © Lantern / Plan International

Upon finishing high school, Líder managed to secure a job, but the salary was low, and he felt dissatisfied. Choosing to learn poultry farming, with a focus on egg production, Líder received the training and key skills needed to build a successful poultry business. “After I began the training, I thought, well, why not try it and start something new” he explains. “I chose to step out of my comfort zone,” he mentions.

The dream of mass production

After purchasing his first hens and the necessary materials to build a chicken coop, Líder’s business flourished quickly, and now he is excited about the future. “From here, I would like to expand my business with large-scale production to be able to serve my entire community,” comments Líder.

Líder’s mother Silveria is very proud of everything her son has managed to achieve in such a short space of time. “He has learnt a lot of things since he went there, he also teaches me how to do things and we are doing very well thanks to what he learnt. We apply what we learn at home as well.”

“He has changed a lot, has taken on a lot more responsibility and plans to expand further,” says Silveria. “He still has a lot of things in mind, hopefully everything will work out. I am very proud of him. The whole family is proud of him.”

Mother of the young entrepreneur.
Silveria, Líder’s mother. © Lantern / Plan International

“I am very proud of him. The whole family is proud of him.”

Silveria, Lider’s mother

Programmes for economic empowerment

The Tenondera programme, sponsored by the Ministry of Social Development (MDS) is designed to support the socioeconomic promotion and inclusion of families in poverty and vulnerability. Thanks to an agreement between MDS and Plan International Paraguay, stipulating that young people in extreme poverty be part of the Sape’a 2.0 project, Líder became a participant in the programme.

The agreement also included the provision of 100 seed capital funds for young men and women, with Leader being one of the winners.

These projects not only provided him with the necessary tools to succeed in his venture but also opened doors that seemed unreachable before. Líder became an example of what determination and the right support can achieve. “Thanks to the training I received, I was able to overcome adversities. Now I can face any difficulty” says Líder, grateful to the project for leaving an indelible mark on his life and for marking a before and after in his journey.

“Thanks to the training I received, I was able to overcome adversities. Now I can face any difficulty.”


Helping young people lift themselves out of poverty, Sape’a supports youth whose potential is limited by poverty to overcome obstacles and move towards a brighter future. “It’s a new opportunity, it’s like a shedding of skin for each one of us, of being someone new, of a new venture, new paths. He who perseveres succeeds,” concludes Líder with steely determination.