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Youth leadership in Lebanon

Supporting children and young people to lead positive changes within their own communities.

We work alongside our partners to ensure children and young people can understand and take positive action to defend their rights to protection, education and equality.

Young people identify solutions

After learning about project management, advocacy and risk mapping, adolescents in Minyeh, North Lebanon were asked to identify key areas where their lives could be improved.

They voted that the local football pitch should be rehabilitated. As a result, the pitch has been improved and new nets and training equipment have been provided. This work means young people in Minyeh can now spend quality time exercising and learning in a safe space.

Raising awareness of violence

Lebanese girls celebrate the international day of the girl through a discussion with the municipality on sexual harrasment
An adolescent girl in Southern Lebanon celebrates the international day of the girl raising a poster on gender equality after having met the municipality for a discussion on sexual harassments.

As part of a Plan International programme, a group of young people received life skills training over 4 months. As part of the training, they learned leadership skills. 

To mark the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, the young people decided to take the lead on the issue of child marriage by conducting awareness raising sessions in 3 private schools in South Lebanon. 

This work led to a collaboration with these schools that has supported the young people to enhance their communications and leadership skills.

Girls tackle harassment

Adolescent girls in Tyre, South Lebanon decided to shed a light on harassment as both physical and verbal abuse are a serious issue where they live.

As a result, 11 girls from the area called for a meeting with municipality members and police officers to raise this ongoing issue. Following this discussion, the girls, along with Plan International Lebanon staff members and local police officers, raised awareness of the issue by distributing flyers on the streets of Tyre.

The girls showed how they can be empowered to make positive changes in their communities by influencing decision-makers on a prevalent issue.

Adolescent girls meet their municipality to raise the issue of sexual harasments
Adolescent girls in Southern Lebanon meet their municipality and police officers to raise the issue of sexual harassments.

Girls Takeover

Taking over the role of the creative director in an advertising agency in Lebanon.
Rasha, 23, discusses with the creative team at Leo Burnett, a globally active advertising agency, the representation of girls and women in advertisements, during the girls takeover on the international day of the girl.

Through Girls Takeover, girls and young women assume the role of leaders on International Day of the Girl to tear down the barriers of discrimination that continue to hold girls back. 

This year, Rasha, a young woman from Lebanon took over the role of the creative director at Leo Burnett in Lebanon, a global advertising agency. She called for the equal representation of girls and women in advertising.