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Education in Lebanon

We support the most vulnerable children from Syrian refugee and Lebanese host communities to get an education so they can follow their ambitions.

Children at a pre-school in Lebanon
We focus on helping the most vulnerable children go to school.

Almost 500,000 Syrian refugee children currently registered in Lebanon are of school age but more than half are not receiving an education. In addition, more than 50,000 Lebanese children aged 6-14 are also out of school.

The out-of-school rates are highest among Syrians aged 15-18. As a result of leaving school early they are less likely to get good jobs and are at higher risk of child marriage, abuse and being forced into child labour.

Barriers to education

The reasons for the high number of out-of-school Syrians include the cost of school fees, the cost of transport, the lack of valid refugee documentation, the amount of school missed due to the crisis in Syria and the fear of bullying and violence in Lebanese schools.

As a result, there is a pressing need to improve access to education to ensure children remain safe and have the maximum possible opportunities in life.

Supporting children to learn

Children attending an assembly at school in Lebanon
We have helped over 300 children go to pre-school in Bekaa.

Plan International increases access to education for Syrian refugee and Lebanese children by providing quality, informal schooling. Our work particularly focuses on the most vulnerable children who are not able to go to school and those who are at high risk of dropping out.

We also work alongside partners to provide early childhood care and development services to children aged 3-5 and work with the parents of young children so they can improve their parenting skills and help their children grow up free from abuse and neglect.

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