education in emergencies: PLAN INTERNATIONAL’S RESPONSE in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Plan international’s regional response strategy to the educational needs of migrant and refugee children and adolescents from Venezuela, especially in the countries of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, has been focused on

  1. Providing humanitarian assistance to children in emergency contexts with a rights-based approach and gender focus.
  2. Strengthening and implementing evidence-based policies and normative frameworks to increase access and retention of refugee, migrant and host community children in education.
  3. Strengthen the capacities of education actors at national and regional levels to promote quality education services for refugee and migrant children in Venezuela. Provide a coordinated response with the regional response plan through constant coordination with the different members of the regional platforms, such as the Regional Education Group, in support of the global response of the R4V platform and REDLAC.

Download the report about the situation and response in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Plan International – Education in Emergencies


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