Day of the Girl 2019: Girls take over in Jordan

17 OCTOBER 2019

Girls in Jordan took over diplomatic, media and administrative roles as part of the Girls Get Equal campaign and part of the International Day of the Girl celebrations.

Plan International Jordan concluded the #GirlsTakeover initiative on Thursday 17 October after carrying out 4 takeovers in leading diplomatic, media and civil society roles.

Four girls had the chance to take over leading roles in Jordan among diplomatic, civil society and media entities. #GirlsTakeover is part of the global Girls Get Equal campaign and as part of the celebrations on the International Day of the Girl.

Girls step into the shoes of leaders

On 1 October, Saja aged 19, took over the role of the Swedish Ambassador in Amman for a day. Saja headed an all staff meeting at the embassy followed by a field visit to review the efforts made to support adolescent girls through training sessions. 

On 16 October, Maysam, 17, took over the role of the Ambassador of Ireland for a day, where she witnessed signings of agreements between the embassy and civil society organisations. Maysam also participated in a meeting with Omar Nsier, Head of the Foreign Programmes Department at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) where she reflected on criteria of aid beneficiaries and the need to update the procedures related to it. 

On the same day, Wal’aa, 19, took over the position as Head of Mission at Plan International Jordan, replacing Muna Abbas for a day. Wal’aa headed an all staff meeting and participated in the meeting at MOPIC. 

Wal’aa and Maysam both witnessed a signing of an agreement between Irish Aid and Plan International Jordan at the end of the day. 

Shurooq, 24, headed Nama’a for Social Development on 16 October. Shurooq participated in a joint meeting with Plan International Jordan and reflected on the need to support adolescent girls.

Girls call for equality

Both Maysam and Shorooq were hosted by Sarah, 19, who took over the host of the morning show at Radio Farah Annas and they reflected on their experiences during the take overs and the challenges and barriers facing them.

#GirlsTakeover is a global call to action for radical social and political change to tear down barriers of discrimination and prejudice that continue to hold girls back. To mark the International Day of the Girl 2019, over 1,000 girls took over positions of power in around 70 countries.