Girls speak out on national issues

Girls’ rights activists Linda and Mary went on a media tour to urge the government to eliminate tax on essential items such as sanitary pads to make them more accessible to all girls, articulating their concerns and seeking meaningful changes for the lives of girls and young women.

In commemoration of International Day of the Girl Child, young girl’s rights activists Linda and Mary went on a media tour to amplify the voices of young women and girls and advocate for their rights. Linda and Mary articulated their concerns, seeking meaningful changes in their lives and those of other young people.

Affordable menstruation

One of the most pressing issues raised by the girls was the affordability of sanitary pads. They urged the government to eliminate the tax on these essential items, making them more accessible to all girls. The burden of purchasing sanitary pads often falls on their families, and the tax reduction would significantly alleviate their financial strain. The girls appealed to employers to consider providing female employees with days off when they are menstruating. This progressive step would not only enhance the physical well-being of girls and women but also empower them to be more productive and confident in their workplaces.

An environment where girls can thrive

The Gender and Influencing Specialist at Plan International Ghana, Esenam Ahiadorme, stressed the importance of investing in the education and growth of girls. She emphasised the need to discard harmful superstitions that hinder the development of the girl child. This call to action is aimed at creating an enabling environment for girls to thrive, contribute to society, and reach their full potential. The media tour supported by Plan International Ghana represents a significant step towards elevating the voices of young girls and advocating for their rights.

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