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#YouthTakeover: Leave No Child Behind

Young people take control of EU Delegation social media to share their views on how the EU can help ensure all children are able to learn, lead, decide and thrive.

#YouthTakeover Ishmal, 14 years old, Pakistan

Every child should have the ability to learn, lead, decide and thrive. That means creating a just world in which all children’s rights are realised.

The EU can play a leading role in helping to achieve this vision. Through its actions and policies, the EU has the ability to positively influence the lives of millions of children worldwide.

The revised EU Guidelines on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child, adopted by EU Member States in March 2017, are central to this effort, as they set the EU’s overarching strategy to defend and promote children’s rights in the world.

Nothing about us without us

Children have the right to be heard in decisions which affect them. The EU is commited to promoting this right, including in its work with partner countries. At Plan International, we are well aware of the positive contribution children and young people can make when they are meaningfully consulted.

We are committed to working with young people to make sure their views and their voice is heard, because we echo their call of “nothing about us without us”.

#YouthTakeover: Leave no child behind

That’s why Plan International is partnering with EU Delegations worldwide to organise a global #YouthTakeover across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Throughout April, young people such as Ishmal, Joseph and Esther will take control of their EU Delegation's social media accounts, to share their thoughts on the challenges children in their country face, their potential as drivers of change, what needs to be done to protect children’s rights in their country, and much more.

Get involved and join the conversation

Ishmal, Joseph and Esther are just three of the young people who will be taking over their EU Delegation social media accounts. They all have their own views and their own messages to share. You can follow their stories on the EU Delegation Twitter and Facebook accounts of participating countries (see list below), or by following the hashtags #YouthTakeover and #EU4Children.

Retweet and share their messages, ask them questions, share your own views – make sure you join the conversation and help spread their messages far and wide, to raise awareness about what we all must do to help build a world in which every child is able to fulfil their dreams.

Participating countries 

CountryTakeover DateFacebookTwitter
Liberia6 April 2017EUinLiberia 
Senegal7 April 2017duesenegal 
Kenya11-12 April 2017euinkenya@EUinKenya
Bangladesh20 April 2017EU in Bangladesh 
Brazil20 April 2017


Tanzania21 April 2017EuropeanUnionTanzania@EUinTZ
Ethiopia24-27 April 2017eudelethiopia 
Zambia25 April 2017EUDelZambia 
Philippines26 April 2017EUDelegationToThePhilippines@EUinthePH
Dominican Republic26 April 2017UnionEuropeaEnRepublicaDominicana@UnionEuropeaRD
Pakistan26 April 2017European-Union-in-Pakistan@EUPakistan
Ghana26 April 2017EuDelegationToGhana@WilliamHannaEU
Mali 27 April 2017duemali@UEauMali
Nicaragua27 April 2017UEenNicaragua@UEenNicaragua
Guatemala28 April 2017DelegacionDeLaUnionEuropeaEnGuate­mala@UEGuatemala
Nepal28 April 2017EUinNepal@EUinNepal
Timor-Leste 28 April 2017EUDTL 
Indonesia28 April 2017uni.eropa@uni_eropa
Uganda28 April 2017eudeluganda@EUinUG
#YouthTakeover: Leave No Child Behind
20 April 2017 Facebook: delegacaouebrasil Twitter: @uenobrasil
April 2017
Dominican Republic
26 April 2017 Facebook: UnionEuropeaEnRepublicaDominicana Twitter: @UnionEuropeaRD
28 April 2017
17 April 2017
27 April 2017 Facebook: UEenNicaragua Twitter: @UEenNicaragua
20 April 2017 Facebook: EU in Bangladesh
April 2017
April 2017
28 April 2017
26 April 2017 Facebook: European-Union-in-Pakistan Twitter: @EUPakistan
25 April 2015 Facebook: EUDelegationToThePhilippines Twitter: @EUinthePH
28 April 2017 Facebook: EUDTL
April 2017
26 April 2017 Facebook: EUDelegationToGhana Twitter: @WilliamHannaEU
11-12 April 2017 Facebook: euinkenya Twitter: @EUinKenya
6 April 2017 Facebook: EUinLiberia
April 2017 Facebook: duemali Twitter: @UEauMali
7 April 2017 Facebook: duesenegal YouTube: delsendkr
21 April 2017 Facebook: EuropeanUnionTanzania Twitter: @EUinTZ
April 2017 Facebook: eudeluganda Twitter: @EUinUG
26 April 2017 Facebook: EUDelZambia