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Youth Employment Solutions Digital Ecosystem

The YES! Digital Ecosystem: an innovative online tool designed for the most marginalised.


The YES! Digital Ecosystem is an innovative tool designed to allow youth to follow courses online to develop their skills and their employability. It follows the step-by-step Youth Employment Solutions model, and is composed of three main elements: the YES! Academy, the YES! Hub and YES! ME (Monitoring & Evaluation).

YES! Academy

The YES! Academy is the open and free online platform where the youth can access the courses. The youth can follow trainings in life skills to build their confidence, as well as vocational training classes. The primary audience of the YES! Academy is young people from marginalised background, who have difficulty accessing traditional methods of YEE training because of systemic barriers, such as geographic location, time restrictions, or cultural and linguistic obstacles.

 YES! Hub

The YES! Hub allows development practitioners from around the world to connect, learn from each other and exchange knowledge and tools - including an online Market Scan tool. The YES! Hub builds the capacity of professionals to design, develop and execute better programming.


YES! ME is designed to monitor the progress of each youth that underwent the training to gather data to enhance and maximise the impact of the programmes. It also allows to create a network of alumni who can help each other thrive in the world of work.