AU-EU Summit: recommendations on young women and decision-making

17 February 2022

A joint letter by Plan International and the African youth-led networks Nala Feminist Collective, Afresist and GIMAC Young Women Network.


In view of the much awaited 6th African Union (AU) and European Union (EU) Summit taking place on 17 and 18 February 2022, Plan International has come together with the African youth-led networks Nala Feminist CollectiveAfresist and GIMAC Young Women Network to co-organize a session as part of Africa-Europe week: “Young women’s political participation for intergenerational co-leadership”. The session was rich with ideas, challenges and recommendations which all had one focus: ensuring young people, and especially young women, are not left behind in decision-making spaces.

These recommendations, and many more, have become part of a letter we have co-written, to make sure young voices are considered by AU and EU leaders and to ensure this Partnership is truly transformative for young people. In particular, the following have been identified as priority areas:

  1. Education and Skills Development;
  2. Youth Economic Justice and Freedom;
  3. Girls’ and Young Women’s Political Participation for Intergenerational Co-Leadership;
  4. Climate Justice and Food Security;
  5. Silencing the Guns for Resilience, Peace and Security;
  6. Migration, Mobility and Free Movement of Persons.

Early childhood development, Education, Protection from violence, Skills and work, Youth empowerment, girls’ leadership

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    Johanna Caminati

    Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Plan International EU