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Prudential partnership provides scholarships for High School Students

Plan International Ghana has partnered with Prudential Life Insurance Ghana to launch a 5-year scholarship project which will allow over 500 students to complete high school.

Launch event for a scholarship project
High school students who will receive scholarships attended the launch event of the project.

The partnership between Plan International Ghana and Prudential Life Insurance Ghana will benefit 555 senior high school students from the Central and Western regions of the country.

Many parents and guardians in these regions are unable to afford senior high school fees meaning their children are unable to stay in school. According to the Ministry of Education’s Annual Report of 2016, only 49% of children in the region enrol at senior high school.

Scholarships ease financial burden on families

Poverty is one of the basic reasons why many children in Ghana are unable to access secondary education

Speaking at the launch of the project, Plan International Ghana Country Director Fadimata Alainchar said: “Poverty is one of the basic reasons why many children in Ghana are unable to access secondary education. Many children who qualify for senior high school are not able to enrol.

“There is an even more worrying trend that when parents have limited resources for their children’s education and have to make a choice, it is always the girl child that is sacrificed in the favour of the boy.”

Financial skills

The launch of the project was followed by a 3 day residential summer camp on financial literacy training to educate 100 students on budgeting, banking, saving and insurance.

Emmanuel Mokobi Aryee, CEO of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, said: “We are committed to investing in education in Ghana. These lessons provided vital financial knowledge and skills to young people throughout Ghana and will help them to become financially aware and employable adults. We are delighted that they have been such a success.”