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Port Loko Programme Unit

girls receiving learning materials

Plan provides students with new school supplies to create learning and teaching environments

Port Loko District

Area:  7,462 sq. km
Population: 454,650
Communities:  11
Sponsored children: around 9,000

Since 2002, Plan has been working with children, families and communities in Port Loko to increase awareness of child rights through child welfare committees, and by building relationships across cultures through sponsorship and school linking programmes.

Port Loko district is composed of 5 different ethnic groups, with the Themnes in the majority. Although 70% of the population are subsistence farmers- mainly growing rice, cassava and potatoes- woodcraft and pottery are the key local industries. The average person in Port Loko lives on less than US$1 per day.

Programme highlights

Public health

Plan’s public health projects are aimed at increasing the survival of mothers and children through activities such as HIV and AIDS skills training for youths. With greater awareness and knowledge of advocacy, the youths are equipped to inform their friends and family about the significance of HIV to help prevent the spread of the disease, as well as reduce stigma against sufferers.

We have provided drugs and insecticide-treated bed nets which are helping prevent and control malaria in the district. We have also provided microscopes and lab equipment to many of Port Loko’s outlying health units so health workers are better able to identify and take action against localised outbreaks of illness and treat members of the communities.

Quality basic education

Plan is promoting child-centered learning and teaching techniques for unqualified teachers to improve the quality of education children receive and to protect them from violence in schools.

We are also providing text and exercise books as well as school furniture to create an enabling learning and teaching environment.

Child protection

Through Plan’s global Learn Without Fear work, children are campaigning against bullying, corporal punishment and sexual harassment in schools.

Plan also partners with other non-governmental organisations to bring an end to female genital cutting, a harmful traditional practice which violates girls’ right to be protected from harm.

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