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Eastern Samar Programme Unit

Area: 4,660.47 sq. km
Population: 428,877 (2010 data)
Divisions: 597 villages, 22 municipalities, 1 city
Plan-sponsored villages: 72
Sponsored children: 6,323

Eastern Samar is a province of the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is the city of Borongan.

The main product of the province is copra. Local agriculture includes maize, rice, sugarcane, and various other vegetables.

Programme highlights

Vocational and technical training

With funding from Plan USA and technical support from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, Plan helped build the Llorente Training Centre in Eastern Samar in 2006.

The vocational and technical training centre is especially helpful to young people without a college education as it provides them with opportunities to acquire skills for gainful employment.

To date, 300 students have graduated from the centre.

Disaster response and preparedness

Continuous rains for 4 days almost submerged the villages on the riverside in the districts of Oras in Eastern Samar. The floods destroyed all the standing crops in the affected areas. Government estimates showed that the cost of damage was at least US$100,000, representing 220 hectares of rice fields.

Rampaging floodwaters also intruded into water wells and destroyed irrigation canals. Affected families sought temporary shelter in schools, churches and undamaged houses in elevated areas.

Plan responded by providing basic food items, water disinfectant, water treatment, school supplies and furniture. Plan engaged children and village council officials in discussions and planning to reduce the risk of future disasters. Children were also trained to produce videos on disasters in partnership with the Force of Nature Foundation.