The revised Youth Challenge Fund model

The revised model goes back to the guiding principles of the Youth Challenge Fund and reviews the different stages of the process, based on the conclusions drawn from the winning groups on how to improve the fund to ensure more flexibility, be more youth-friendly and ensure more impact.

The revised Youth Challenge Fund model
Youth Challenge Fund Revised Model

The Youth Challenge Fund (YCF) is an inclusive, competitive, flexible and participatory fund targeting girls and youth-led groups (15-30) in West and Central Africa.

Initiated by Plan International West and Central Africa, the fund aims to strengthen girls and youth-led groups’ organisations, and support them in implementing innovative projects as well as community services that provide solutions to problems in their communities.

The YCF therefore provides financial and non-financial support to these young people who, through the actions they implement in their communities, become true agents of change, and inspire many other young people to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities.

As a result of the Youth Challenge Fund learning process, Plan International has developed a revised model to better meet the expectations of the youth who are benefiting from this competitive fund.

The revised model outlines the various stages of the YCF process and the feedback received from the grantees organisations on how the fund can be improved to be more flexible, youth-friendly, and impactful.

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Youth empowerment, Activism, girls’ leadership