Economic Empowerment and Capacity Building in Jordan

We help young and adolescent Syrians living in Jordan to obtain the knowledge and skills they need to get good jobs and earn a living so they are not forced into exploitative labour.

Girls learning new skills in Jordan

There are limited opportunities for the Syrian refugee population in Jordan to obtain jobs and support themselves financially. Barriers to work opportunities mean Syrian refugees are often heavily reliant on external financial support, which can expose them to exploitation.

Lack of job opportunities

Although the recent opening of the labour market to Syrian adults provides an opportunity for legal migrant jobs, work permits are difficult to obtain and are limited to certain jobs that are not very attractive for Syrian refugees.

Income generation and self-employment are also largely restricted so longer-term cash support programmes are required to assist in the transition of child labourers into vocational training, non-hazardous work, or to return to school.

Skills training and capacity building

Plan International Jordan provides job skills training opportunities for adolescents and young people in host communities to help them access formal and informal apprenticeships. We offer vocational training programmes for 16 to 25-year-old Jordanians and refugees in host communities while enhancing access to quality formal and informal apprenticeship opportunities. We also support small home-based income generation for young people and parents so that they are better able to send their children or siblings to school.

We also build the capacity of our volunteers from host communities and Azraq refugee camp as facilitators of our work, strengthening their employability skills and creating role models in the process. Additionally, we provide coaching for people aged 18 to 25 so they are able to learn the ‘soft skills’ necessary to obtain and remain in jobs.