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We strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.
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Plan International youth advocate interviewed at congress on historic child marriage ban

Honduras outlaws child marriage

Honduras’s decision to fully ban child marriage for all young people under the age of 18 is a historic achievement for girls’ rights.


Finding the joy of reading

Gumersinda, a 12 year old girl from the department of Lempira discovers her fascination for reading and how much she can learn with it through the "Promoting the reading culture in children of the  Department of Lempira" project.

Child Protection Project Santa Barbara

Together for child protection

The “Prevention, Protection and Restoration of Rights of Child Survivors of Sexual Violence” project is teaching children self-protection measures and developing their skills for minimising risks of abuse.

San Antonio's Football Team

Changing gender stereotypes through football

Plan International Honduras is empowering children by changing gender perceptions through a girls' football project.

Girls training Drought

Training leaders against drought

Plan International Honduras ran drought simulation exercises in Choluteca so children know how to respond in the event of a water shortage.

Opening Day

Recreational spaces protect children in Honduras

Plan International Honduras is creating recreational spaces where children and young people can learn, socialise and play, reducing the chances of them becoming involved in alcohol or drug abuse.

Chicken farming provides extra income for families

Plan International Honduras is supporting 400 families in Jesus de Otoro and Masaguara to create additional income through chicken farming.

Volunteering committed with Plan and the Honduran children

"We work well together"

This is one of the values ​​that Plan International promotes, that is why strengthening and achieving our purpose involves the involvement of children, families and communities through volunteering. During the previous week at the Choluteca Program Unit, different activities were carried out to strengthen the capacities and knowledge of volunteers to empower children's rights, to know the DCCN's strategy and how it is linked to sponsorship compliance.

Safe Spaces for childhood and adolescence

As a result of an open cabildo made in the Union, Copán we developed the creation of the “Office of the childhood and adolescence”, with the municipal budget and the support of Plan International Honduras to provide full time comprehensive care.

Our results last year
  • 380,000
    Children and young people have improved their living conditions
  • 1018
    mothers benefitted from a cervical/uterine cancer awareness campaign
  • 2,500
    children from Lempira have access to books and extracurricular activities at 6 new community libraries

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Key contacts
Belinda Portillo Portada

Belinda Portillo

Country Director, Plan International Honduras
+504 2270-7322 (to 28)
Metropolis, Tower 2, Floor 22
Tegucigalpa Francisco Morazán
+504 2270-7322 (to 28)