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¡Creemos en las niñas!

Plan International Honduras works in Lempira, Copán, Santa Bárbara, Choluteca, La Paz, Intibucá and San Pedro Sula. All of our work focuses on gender, inclusion, participation and citizenship.

Our work supports families and communities so children up to the age of 6 grow up in a protective and inclusive environment. 

We also support children between 7 and 14 to stay safe and in school so they gain the knowledge they need to follow their ambitions.

We work with young people between 15 and 24, particularly women living in extreme poverty, to develop the skills they need to get good jobs. We also support them to learn about their sexual and reproductive rights so they can control their bodies and when they have children.

In addition, our advocacy work increases the voices of children at local and national levels on the issues related to their rights that affect them most.

Creemos en las niñas
Plan International lanza la campaña "Creemos en las niñas", que es un movimiento regional y local que busca visibilizar las historias de vida y sobre todo dar voz a las niñas.
Where we work
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Metropolis, Tower 2, Floor 22
Tegucigalpa Francisco Morazán
+504 2270-7322 (to 28)
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George Redman