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Gboanin village: an attractive living environment

Plan International Guinea is working alongside children, communities and the government to improve access to health, water and sanitation services.

Gboanin is a village of Kissidougou. Gboanin is an isolated village and has very few development services. Hygiene, sanitation and access to clean water are major concerns in this community.

People and pets live together and defecate regularly in and around the village. There was only one toilet belonging to the chief of village. In addition, the only source of water was located in a shallow ditch, about 300 meters from the village - an undeveloped source that the villagers use to get water for drinking and other household needs.

Plan International has developed a Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) programme for all villages in Kissidougou, among which is the village of Gboanin.

Ten months after the launch in this village, the village has become a healthy living environment.

"I am very pleased with the lessons learned during this project,” said Tamba Millimouno, 35. “Today, our village is clean thanks to general cleaning we do every three weeks around the village. Every family has a latrine they use regularly. People do not go into the bush and do not defecate around houses.”

"When the initiative started in my village, I volunteered to serve as a leader to help promote good health practices and sanitation.

“Before, our children regularly suffered from diarrhoea because the village was dirty and people were walking together with animals,” said Marceline, 28, a village leader.

“Now these animals are in pens and I am responsible for ensuring that every morning, every woman sweeps up before going to the field.”

"I'm happy with positive changes that people have brought us through this project. I now realise the importance of maintaining cleanliness throughout the village because people fall sick less often. I encourage our neighbours from surrounding villages to adopt similar initiatives so that together we improve the health of our population and particularly our children”. Yombe Millimouno, 48, village chief.

A model latrine built by a family thanks to the CLTS project