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Plan International EU Office welcomes Serap Altinisik as new Head of Office & EU Representative

26 April 2018
As of this month Serap Altinisik will be heading the Plan International EU Liaison Office in Brussels. Serap will be leading the work of the Plan International EU Liaison Office driving forward the longstanding thought and do leadership of Plan International in advancing children’s rights, equality for girls and young women globally. Serap will work to ensure her team is making an important contribution to the organisation’s overall ambition to create a global girls’ rights movement that is powerful, influential and well supported for girls and young women to become true champions for change.

The EU Office aims to contribute to the organisation’s objectives by carrying out policy, advocacy and programming work in collaboration with EU institutions and influencers to ensure that the EU does not leave girls behind and instead works with us to positively transform the lives of 100 million girls.

With great enthusiasm, Serap Altinisik has taken on the challenge to advance the work of Plan International on the EU level. Serap was previously Director of Programmes at the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) responsible for the network’s fundraising and programme strategy. “I have been an activist for women’s human rights and a community organiser all my life. I am excited and humbled to join one of the largest and most influential global children’s rights organisations that has been transforming the everyday lives of children for over 80 years. At the moment, we are witnessing volatile times across the globe - justice and equality are being questioned, right wing populist politics are on the rise fuelled by fear, mistrust and nationalist ideologies. I strongly believe that the work carried out by Plan International is paramount in the current political context. The goal we share to advance girls’ and young women’s power, leadership and activism is crucial to ensure a world that is based on values such as justice and equality. A world, I envision, that needs to be equal, that leaves no one behind and where possibilities and opportunities are up for grabs to all and everyone.”

"I strongly believe that the work carried out by Plan International is paramount in the current political context."

About Serap
Serap joined the Plan International EU Office as Head of Office and EU Representative in April 2018. Previously, she held the position of Programme Director at the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) responsible for leading their Fundraising and Programme Strategy. Serap joined the EWL team in September 2011 as Fundraising Coordinator and Policy Officer. She successfully led the EWL 50/50 Campaign “No modern Democracy without Gender Equality” across Europe with the goal to achieve equal representation of women and men in decision-making and power positions within the EU institutions. Serap lives by the assertion that “there is no right life amongst wrongs”, and is convinced that girls' and women’s rights can only become reality when the women’s and girls’ movement is sustainably resourced. She loves to tweet on girls and women’s leadership, young women power, youth activism, feminism, racism, human rights and on development issues under her twitter account @SeeRap.

Prior to her role at the EWL, Serap was responsible for the Campaign Unit at the European Network against Racism (ENAR) where she played a significant role in establishing the first ever European Foundation against Racism. She also spent several years as the Head of Domestic Violence Department and Head of Activists and City Groups for the largest women‘s rights organisation TERRE DES FEMMES (TDF) in Germany, which was later combined with establishing and coordinating the representation of TDF in Berlin.

Serap has published a book analysing the effects of domestic violence and also led the ever first study in Germany into implementation of favourable workplace policies for those experiencing domestic violence. She also published several articles in books, periodicals and magazines on international women’s rights, feminism, migration and racism.

Serap holds a Magistra Artium Degree in Political Science, English literature and Cultural Studies from the Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), and an M.A. in European Studies from the John Moores University in Liverpool (UK).