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Girls Action Plan


“nothing should be decided for girls without girls!”

As the next EU Gender Action Plan (GAP III) is being drafted, we wanted to know what girls and young women on different continents experience, what they dream about, and what they thought the EU could do about it. Entirely based on girls and young women’s ideas and expectations, we hope the Girls Action Plan will support EU actions that leave no girl behind.

Through a youth-friendly online consultation, 128 young people from Ghana, Ethiopia and India shared their experience, challenges and solutions on six topics:

  • Digitalisation
  • Voice and participation
  • Social and economic rights
  • Sexual and gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Peace and security
  • Climate change and the environment

In the Girls Action Plan, we highlight their priorities as well as trends we observed in answers to open-ended questions. Participants to the consultation believe that the GAP III can make a difference for gender equality and girls. It is time to hear them out and make it happen!

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