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Satta: My disability won’t hold me back

Satta, 12, from Guinea, was born with one arm and lacked self-esteem as a result. Now she attends an inclusive school where her needs are met, and she is determined to follow her ambitions.

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“I realised I was disabled for the first time, when I was with my friends,” says 12-year-old Satta from Guinea. “They had both hands, while I had only one. It stops me from doing a lot of things.”

She used to stay away from people as she thought they would make fun of her. But thanks to Plan International's inclusive education programme she has started going to school and has been included by her classmates in all activities. 

“Before going to school I did not like to get close to people, thinking they were going to make fun of me. But since I started I started going to school, I feel comfortable. I do everything with my friends. Nobody rejects me,” she says.

Equal opportunities

Satta wants to become a doctor to help other children with disabilities and provide for her family. She also wants to promote the rights of children with disabilities and ensure they have equal opportunities to go to school.

“The advice I have to give to parents who refuse to educate their children because they have a disability is to send them all to school. The future of a child with a disability is at school,” says Satta.

Through our inclusive education programme, we are helping thousands of children with disabilities like Satta go to schools that meet their needs in over 40 countries.

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