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Plan Paraguay

Plan has been working in Paraguay since 1994 with children and families in the promotion, protection and defense of their rights.

Paraguay is a developing country located in South America where 35% of the population lives in poverty and 19% is in extreme poverty. The Income inequality is very significant: 90% of the population receives 59% of the total income, while the richest 10% receive 41%. Poverty affects especially children: in 2010, 45% of children lived in poverty and 27% in extreme poverty (Permanent Household Census 2010 - Department of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses - DGEEC).

Currently, Plan works with more than 25,000 sponsored children, and through them, are benefiting around 150,000 people in nearly 500 communities in the departments of Paraguarí, Caaguazú, San Pedro and Guaira.

Case study

Women bring community bank to San Pedro

Women bring community bank to San Pedro

A group of 30 women in Calle Arroyense have helped boost the local economy by setting up the first community bank in the Department of San Pedro, with Plan's support.

Where we work in Paraguay

Paraguay Map

Our core areas of activity include:

  • Children and adolescents receive a quality education, acquiring essential skills for their development.
  • Protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence.
  • Encourage children's participation.
  • Children are registered at birth, grow up healthy and are well nourished.