Early childhood care and development in Sudan

We support vulnerable children, especially girls, aged 0 – 5 to grow up equally valued and cared for so they can thrive in communities and societies that respect children’s rights and equality.

Children playing in a Plan International-run child-friendly space in a refugee camp in Sudan

We are committed to ensuring children under the age of 5 can fully develop physically, mentally and cognitively, free from discrimination and threats to their wellbeing.

Our work on early childhood care and development equips mothers, fathers and care givers with key knowledge and skills on positive and responsive child care that meets children’s physical, emotional and cognitive needs. We achieve this through community-based approaches on proper feeding practices, nutrition, stimulation and gender awareness.

We also advocate to policy makers for comprehensive and integrated early care services that will improve standards of early childhood care and development and ensure multi-sectoral coordination for service delivery.