Young People on the War in Ukraine

This policy paper summarises the key discussions from consultations Plan International conducted with over 200 young people from Ukraine, either still in the country or who fled to Moldova, Poland and Romania.

Cover of the youth consultation report amplifying youth voices from Ukraine.

The lives of millions of people, including young people, have been impacted by the escalation of the war in Ukraine. While the conflict shows no sign of abating, reconstruction and recovery plans are being developed and resources mobilised to support these efforts.

In line with the UN Security Council’s Youth, Peace and Security agenda, it is essential that young people in all of their diversity play an active role in shaping the future direction of their country.

Between April and May 2023, 200 young people impacted by the war in Ukraine, either still within the country or who have fled to Moldova, Poland and Romania, volunteered their time to participate in youth consultations undertaken by Plan International.

They shared their priorities and views on Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery. Across all the 22 focus groups, young people impacted by the war in Ukraine spoke of wanting to be actively engaged in their country’s reconstruction and recovery to bring new ideas, innovative thinking and accountability to the future of Ukraine.



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