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Improving justice for children in Ghana

Plan International Ghana is working with partners to improve judicial settings, ensuring the rights of abused children are respected and well protected.

GHA_The office complex for the Ghana Police Service for Akropong
The office complex for the Ghana Police Service for Akropong

In Akropong in the Eastern Region of Ghana, seeking justice after being abused was very difficult for children. During an investigative interview, there was no personal space and confidentiality. The victim and the suspect used the same room and were often looking at each other. This made it difficult for children to feel safe and free and often caused more trauma and fear.

To reverse the situation and ensure children receive adequate protection in accordance with their rights, Plan International Ghana engaged with the Ghana Police Service at Akropong and provided the community with an office complex to serve as the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) at this police unit.

According to District Superintendent of Police, Tony Addipah, the facility and the partnership between Plan International and DOVVSU has raised awareness and increased people’s confidence about the unit which is poised to handle all their cases.

“Overcrowding was one of our main challenges, now the place is more spacious to facilitate one-on-one interviews and people are now reporting more cases,” he said. The office complex has station offices, washrooms, a polytank, and a store room.

Reducing domestic violence

Through education and hard work, the unit has helped reduce domestic violence drastically. Plan International has also helped set up Municipal Child Protection Committee members and enhanced the relationship between all stakeholders who now work together collaboratively.

Work together we can help protect the children from abuse

“We appreciate the change that Plan International Ghana has brought and this change yielded good things. We pray that we continue to work very closely with Plan International so that together we can help protect the children from abuse and to prevent its occurrence,” said Inspector Eunice Atinya, Municipal Child Protection Committee member.